Freezing Your Fat w DIY Coolsculpting

Are you someone who has struggled time and time again to lose weight? You are not alone. There are hundreds and hundreds of people who struggle every day trying to fit in time for the gym after a busy day at work or taking care of children and family. Coolsculpting is a way to freeze fat and to lose weight. When you diet and exercise to lose weight, you are shrinking fat cells, but they still remain, leaving the opportunity for weight gain much easier. When losing and gaining weight, you are not losing and gaining fat cells. Instead, fat cells become larger when weight is gained and shrink when weight is lost. The non surgical process of freezing fat makes fat cells actually go completely away.

Let’s break this down a little more. Your body has a fixed number of fat cells once you hit your teenage years or so, and they get bigger or smaller as you gain or lose weight. Freezing fat cells is literally just that, freezing them. Afterward, the frozen fat cells begin to die off. During the death of the cells, they begin to collapse. Over the next few weeks, these dead fat cells become consumed by other cells in your body, which are then naturally processed and eliminated from the body.

To freeze fat cells does not mean the number you see on the scale will actually change. But it does mean that the areas where fat was frozen will become smaller. You will look thinner and clothes will fit differently. The fat freezing procedure is FDA cleared. It is a non invasive, non surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to target unwanted fat cells that have been stubborn to the efforts of exercising and/or dieting. The results of this procedure are proven and lasting. There is no down time after the surgery and no pain. It is a procedure that works on top of the skin, targeting under the skin, and leaving no marks or damaging effects to the skin of any area of the body. There are several target areas this fat freezing focuses on. The abdomen is one area that is a struggle for thousands of individuals, especially mothers who long to have that flat tummy again. The other areas include the sides, also known as love handles, double chin, inner thighs, outer thighs and upper arms. With only one treatment, there is a major, drastic change within the following weeks. It is up to the client if more treatments are needed. Learn more about DIY coolsculpting here.

How to Get a Doctor Excuse If You Stay Home Sick

A doctor’s excuse is simply the recommendation from the doctor indicating the medical condition that an employee may be suffering from, and how it affects an individual’s ability to work. It is also referred to as sick note. Submission of these excuses is mandatory in many organizations and schools. Failure to submit them could result to loss of jobs, demotions or suspensions. The excuses could be written for short lived illnesses or for long term illnesses.

 Ways of Obtaining a Doctors Excuse

doctor excuse

How do you obtain a doctor excuse (one place is here)? Well, there are two ways of going about this. Firstly, you may opt to visit your doctor and ask them to write the notes for you. The doctor may need to do many tests to verify whether you are in sick, and hence make recommendations. This will obviously necessitate parting with some fee for the consolations and other services. Many people find this method of obtaining the excuse time wasting and expensive.

The easiest and the cheapest way of obtaining a doctor’s note is by going online and requesting for the service from any site. After a short while, you will have the note ready for you, and you may not have to part with a lot of money for the service. People who have no illnesses whatsoever can still obtain this note by buying it online. Interestingly, some sites offer this service freely. In this instance, individuals are required to download the net freely and make the modifications depending on their needs and medical conditions.

Points To Guide You Through

Regardless of the method used to obtain a sick note, there are several things that should guide you through. These are:

  • Expression of all your concerns

If you are sick and need to be excused from performing certain chores, it is important that you explain all the aspects of your job to the doctors and related other service providers. You need to express physical, mental and environmental demands of your job to the person drafting the doctor excuse. This way, you can be excused from performing tough tasks such as lifting heavy objects. You may also be excused from working for a long time or for travelling for long distances.

  • Have all the details included

It is important to include the necessary details in a sick note. For instance, your names, times when you visited the doctor, how long you should be excused from work and the doctor’s contacts should be included. However, you should not get into the details of your illnesses. Just a brief description of illnesses is required.

  • Be careful

Some employees tend to write too many details on the doctor excuse to the extent that the employers get suspicious. Overdoing the whole thing will only land one into serious trouble. This could actually mean loss of job. For instance, one should not indicate that they should be excused from performing almost all the tasks in an organization. The note should also be submitted in good time. You may also want to re-negotiate with your employers about the working terms and find an amicable solution that works for you and the organization as well.

Physician excuse notes are helpful
Paid doctor’s note are true

Online Sources for a Doctors Note Template

You do not need to visit a medical facility to obtain a doctors note template. Thanks to some service providers, it is possible to get these templates online. This saves you on a lot of costs and time that is wasted when one is visiting a medical facility to obtain these templates. You will conveniently and efficiently get the template at the comfort of your home or office.

Doctors Note Explained

A doctors note template allows you to skip work, school, or events. It states that you are unable to report to work or school because of an illness. The form should include the doctor’s details such as: the name, his or her address, his/her phone number, and the date. It should also have patient’s details such as: the patient’s name, the reason for excuse, date and the signature.

doctors note template

Through the help of some professionals, many people just find the doctor’s note online. The process is easy and cheap. The professionals are able to draft these notes in a way that convinces the employers and administrators that the concerned persons have visited a medical facility. Through their skills and experience, they can make very convincing recommendations and advise various clients accordingly. In some sites, all this can be done freely.

It is important to note that not all online service providers can offer satisfactory services when it comes to drafting doctor’s notes. A poorly drafted note may raise suspicions at the work place and the employers may be forced to investigate further. More often than not, this brings about integrity issues and could lead to people facing disciplinary measures.

Considerations to Make

To get the best doctors note template online, there are several issues to consider. These are:

  • Legitimacy

Go for the service providers who are registered to offer doctor’s notes online. Find out if they are listed in the online indexes and other directories. You should also be able to contact at least one of the staff members from the website throughout the whole process. This is helpful when your employer or school’s administrator decides to contact the site to confirm about your sickness details.

  • Skills and experience

It is wise to find an online service provider who has obtained skills and experience in drafting doctor’s notes. The best service providers engage professionals in the medical field who can be in a position to draft convincing doctor’s notes. Such professionals already know what to recommend depending on your sickness. They are also aware of the details that should not be included.

  • Costs

No need to pay a lot of money to obtain a doctor’s note. You can obtain the same amount at a reasonable rate. Therefore, there is need to compare prices offered in various sites before narrowing down to a specific service provider. Note that some sites can offer these services freely. However, you should be careful about downloading such templates because they may be too generic, and you may risk losing your job by submitting them.

In Conclusion

You can conveniently and cheaply obtain a doctors note today. All you need to do is to find a good site and request for the services.   You must however be careful about where and how you obtain these templates. You can source on of these notes at by clicking the link. It will bring you their homepage that discuss this topic in a more detailed way.

Can A Natural Diet Ease Joint Pain?

There are many causes of joint pain. These range from ailments such as arthritis, lupus, or from falls. This type of pain can be devastating, especially when the treatment process is delayed and when some of the conventional medicines do not work as effectively as the patient would demand. Fortunately, individuals can have relief from joint pain by going for natural remedies and diets. Through the diets may not completely heal the pain on their own, they work hand in hand with the conventional medicines to treat some of the conditions causing the pain.

Diets That Can Relive Joint Pain

joint pain

There are several diets that have been known to ease the pain of the joints. These include:

  • Cayenne

This is one the most common herb remedy for joint pain. An individual is required to rub it directly to the affected joint. From hence, an individual will experience some irritation, which will distract the nerves in such a way that severe pain is eliminated. A person diagnosed with arthritis will find this remedy very helpful.

  • A combination of turmeric, ginger and bromelain

While each of these ingredients can be used to relieve this type of pain on their own, it is the combination of the three of them that brings about effectiveness. Individuals should take the mixture of these products on an empty stomach at least two times in a day. Continuous intake of the mixture will deal with most of the joint pain related issues to a great length.

  • Stinging nettle

This herb contains a lot of nutrients that can help deal with some of the ailments affecting your joints. These nutrients include: proteins, iron, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorous, vitamins A, D, C and B among others. Most of these components can be absorbed easily in the body and will relieve some joint pains.

  • Pectin and grape juice

Grape juice has innumerable anti-oxidants that are very helpful in the reduction of various inflammations. Pectin is helpful in reduction of fluid that builds up in joints during ailments. A combination of these two ingredients will lead to quick healing and pain relief in the joints.

  • Flaxseed

This is one of the sources of omega 3, an ingredient known to fight inflammation. People suffering from arthritis will find a diet with this ingredient very helpful.

  • Licorice

This ingredient is best known for the reduction of inflammation in the body.

Points of Caution

The most amazing thing about most of the joint pain reliving diets is that they are readily available. Therefore, one can simply have pain relief at the comfort of their home. However, before using any of the remedies, it is important that you consult your doctors. Some of the recommended remedies may not work very well with the convectional medicine. Still, there are some remedies that may bring complications to people suffering from other diseases. For instance, someone suffering from high blood pressure should avoid using licorice herb.

Individuals experiencing joint pain must not neglect taking a healthy diet and exercising just because they are using some of the herbs described above. Research and consultations with the doctors is therefore very important.

Internal Medicine: The Most Common Medical Specialty

Internal medicine specialists are highly trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of most of the adult diseases. The specialists are also known as internists. They are different from surgeons in that they cure internal ailments using the medicine. Surgeons on the other hand offer remedies for various ailments by repairing the affected organss. Most of the physicians in the medical field look up to the internists when treating complicated ailments. In many instances, they act as consultants in the medical field.

Internal medicine specialists can diagnose and offer effective treatment solution to patients suffering from multiple complications. Most of them are located within a medical facility because the patients that they deal with suffer from very serious health complications. However, they can also opt to work in other environments depending on the needs of some clients.

Internists are the people consulted when people suffer from rare diseases. More often than not, they will not refer you to other service providers because they have the skills and experience in treating most of the ailments. Actually, they spend more time studying on various ailments and hence can easily diagnose all ailments. Further, they provide advice on disease prevention so that the affected people can lead a healthy lifestyle even after suffering from a chronic illness.

The Training Process

Internists can opt to specialize in a certain field or offer general services. When they specialize, they may be required to go through sub- specialty training. The whole training is always very deep and broad, which enables the practitioners to become experts in their field. For instance, a cardiologist has to go through a lot of training before they can become an internist.

The number of years that an internist takes to qualify varies. While some take 10 years, others will take even more time depending on the institution that they enroll in and their area of specialization. In general, the process begins by taking four years in the undergraduate degree, four years in tertiary medical school and finally to a residency training that could last for two or more years. The internists will further proceed to sub- specialization. Sometime, this specialization can take more than five years to complete.

Beneficial and Common Medicine Specialty

Internal medicine specialization has become very common in the modem world. People have realized the benefits of the specialty and are ready to train for it. In many institutions, many students are enrolling in the field as opposed to the past where doctors spent a few years before starting to offer services.

Customary Paid Holidays in the U.S

Paid holidays offer every worker the motivation towards effectiveness. The holidays drive workers towards spending more time in one organization because of the assurance of the added benefits. Further, an employer is able to relate well with all the employees and hence build a good working relationship in an organization.

In some organizations, workers taking holidays are not compensated. A worker taking a long holiday may not only have to cater for their upkeep during such times, but they may also not be given any salary at the end of their holiday. Some employers can even opt to replace the worker permanently. A holiday can either last for one day or last for a long time. Employers offering a paid holiday will always gain more since the employees feel appreciated in all their input towards a certain organization.

Paid Holidays in US

paid holidays

In the US, paid holidays are included in the letters of appointment and employee handbook. The employee will be attracted to an organization depending on the package included. Some packages offer more holidays than others. Where such packages are inconsistent, many employees find it hard to attract and retain human resource.

According to the statistics available in the bureau of labor department of the US, 7.6 is the average number of paid holidays for the full time employees within the government departments. Professionals in the blue collar and while collar jobs get paid holidays as opposed to the clerical and sales people. An annual schedule has been provided by the state on how and when the paid holidays should be carried out.

Common Holidays

Some of the common paid holidays include:

  • Memorial Day
  • Easter Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day Christmas day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

There are other additional holidays including: Good Friday, Washington’s Birthday, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve among others. There are still some organizations that offer a floating paid holiday; where employees can take a holiday whenever there is a need. However, some of the organizations may still be opposed to the whole idea of such holidays, and would rather limit the number of holidays that one can get.

The most customary paid holidays in US, according to research are: the New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. These holidays are well celebrated within the state, and most workers working in both the private and government sector do not report to work. For workers who opt to work during these holidays, there is chance of compensation depending on the organizational policy.

According to the federal law, when a holiday falls within a weekend, it is pushed to the following week on Monday. The holidays can only be celebrated within the normal working days- Mondays through to Friday.

Legal Requirements for the Private Sector

An employer is not required by the law to offer any paid holiday. However, because of the benefits achieved, many of them voluntarily offer them. Note that there is no established schedule for these holidays in the private sector. Rather, the whole concept varies depending on the organization and the varied needs of the employees.

Unfortunately, there are some instances that companies override these protocols by putting pressures to their employees to continue working on holidays. If you are experiencing the same pressure, you might want to get yourself a doctor’s note form to cover up your vacation leave. This way, you don’t disappoint your employers and at the same time, you give yourself some nice treat! To acquire fake surgeons’ forms go to