How to Get a Doctor Excuse If You Stay Home Sick

A doctor’s excuse is simply the recommendation from the doctor indicating the medical condition that an employee may be suffering from, and how it affects an individual’s ability to work. It is also referred to as sick note. Submission of these excuses is mandatory in many organizations and schools. Failure to submit them could result to loss of jobs, demotions or suspensions. The excuses could be written for short lived illnesses or for long term illnesses.

 Ways of Obtaining a Doctors Excuse

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How do you obtain a doctor excuse (one place is here)? Well, there are two ways of going about this. Firstly, you may opt to visit your doctor and ask them to write the notes for you. The doctor may need to do many tests to verify whether you are in sick, and hence make recommendations. This will obviously necessitate parting with some fee for the consolations and other services. Many people find this method of obtaining the excuse time wasting and expensive.

The easiest and the cheapest way of obtaining a doctor’s note is by going online and requesting for the service from any site. After a short while, you will have the note ready for you, and you may not have to part with a lot of money for the service. People who have no illnesses whatsoever can still obtain this note by buying it online. Interestingly, some sites offer this service freely. In this instance, individuals are required to download the net freely and make the modifications depending on their needs and medical conditions.

Points To Guide You Through

Regardless of the method used to obtain a sick note, there are several things that should guide you through. These are:

  • Expression of all your concerns

If you are sick and need to be excused from performing certain chores, it is important that you explain all the aspects of your job to the doctors and related other service providers. You need to express physical, mental and environmental demands of your job to the person drafting the doctor excuse. This way, you can be excused from performing tough tasks such as lifting heavy objects. You may also be excused from working for a long time or for travelling for long distances.

  • Have all the details included

It is important to include the necessary details in a sick note. For instance, your names, times when you visited the doctor, how long you should be excused from work and the doctor’s contacts should be included. However, you should not get into the details of your illnesses. Just a brief description of illnesses is required.

  • Be careful

Some employees tend to write too many details on the doctor excuse to the extent that the employers get suspicious. Overdoing the whole thing will only land one into serious trouble. This could actually mean loss of job. For instance, one should not indicate that they should be excused from performing almost all the tasks in an organization. The note should also be submitted in good time. You may also want to re-negotiate with your employers about the working terms and find an amicable solution that works for you and the organization as well.

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