Super Foods

Hippocrates ones said that the best cure for an illness is food. This is very true in so many ways. Food has the ability to heal us physically mentally and emotionally. From consuming the right types of food you will reap its benefits fully. Here are the best foods you probably didn’t know that can help you heal.

  • Fermented foods can help keep your immune system strong because of its probiotics and beneficial bacterias. They can also help you reduce sick days of work.
  • Kale, spinach, carrots, yams and pumpkins are rich with vitamin A that can help fight of bacterias.
  • Fatty fish can help your knees work again because of its omega3- fatty acids
  • Tart cherries can help you reduce the pain or sores after a work-out
  • Berries and apples are in a simple term allergy-pills
  • Parsley tea is an effective antibacterial force
  • Whole grains and fibers is a good food to fight against heartburn
  • And Last but not the least is Tuna and Turkey, these foods help with the build up of white blood cells.

By consuming the following not only will you avoid potential illness but also feel good about yourself.

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